Rennovation Tips to Make a Small Apartment Look Wider

Layout Idea for a Small ApartmentLiving in a small apartment requires a good skill in furniture arrangement, wall and ceiling color selection, and other skills to make us more comfortable staying in it. Today we share several methods to make a small apartment look wide and spacious.

Apply bright colors
Apply bright colors to your room, starting from the furniture, walls, and ceiling color. For the floor, it is better to choose a dark color to avoid a plan impression of the room. Some dark colors such as dark blue, red, green, or even black can be applied on the corners of the room. The ideal proportion of bright and dark color is about 70:30.

Place mirrors properly
The application of mirrors can create a spacious effect in the room. Yet, the placement of the mirrors should be done thoroughly to get the optimum result. A mirror placement with a height above our sitting position would be effective to avoid too much reflection. The mirror should also be placed in an area we often see such as on the closet door or a surface facing towards the main door.

Disassemble the ceiling
With a limited area, you can use the room dimension vertically. You can also disassemble the ceiling to get a more spacious space. However, we should do more to get a more comfortable apartment. In this case, the electricity and water network should be cleaned. The concrete surface of the ceiling should also be cleaned from any dust. In this way, the apartment will look tidier.

Rebuild the partition
You can replace the old walls with tempered glass or transparent resin so that the room does not look cramped. In order to keep the privacy, you can coat it with sandblast sticker. Alternatively, you can have partitions made of steel wire, wood, or bamboo. The material structure design can also be modified according to your taste and desired concept.

Make imaginary space dividers
To distinguish the function of the room, you don’t need to build a new wall. You can make an imaginary divider by through the placement of the furniture / furniture arrangement. In this case, a floor level elevation can also be done.

Place multifunctional furniture
Make sure that all of your furniture design has more than one function, i.e. all furniture in the apartment should also serve as a storage space, starting from the beds, tables, chairs, and even doors. Also optimize the function of the wall partition. If it is a gypsum wall, you can replace it with a cabinet or two side shelf. With the same function, you can get a new storage space.

Furniture placement tricks
In terms of the design, the placement of the furniture should be in the direction of the longest wall. It is intended to make the room feel spacious without blocking the circulation.  Occasionally, the furniture can also be arranged transversely as long as the furniture can be removed, folded, or rotated so that when you need more space, you can simply move, fold, or rotate it.

Well, those are some information to make a small apartment look large and spacious. Keep in mind that all of the above tips can be implemented in your apartment. All depends on the situation, condition, and also your taste in arranging an apartment. Good luck.

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