Repair Any Small Damages in Your Home On Your Own

Woman Installing WallpaperDamage or small disturbance in the house, such as doors that are difficult to open, cracked wooden floors, or stickers which are difficult to remove, would not need an expert to get it done. You can do it.

As a homeowner, you have to work on your own. Here are some easy ways to resolve small problems at home.

First, if you find it difficult to open the door, you need water-displacing spray, or the well known one, WD-40. Spray it on the hinges, then open and close the door so that lubricants work well.

Second, if the wooden floor creaks, you can sprinkle talcum powder over the area that creaks. Then, sweep it until the powder gets into the cracks. Before re-polishing the wood flooring, make sure you clean up traces of the powder completely from the surface.

Third, if the wallpaper in your house begins to peel, you need a knife, paper, and adhesive wallpaper. Use a knife to flatten the wallpaper adhesive to the paper surface. Rub the paper on the peeling part. Press the wallpaper with the paper still attached underneath the surface of the wall. Pull the paper, then flatten the wallpaper until there is no more bubble trapped in it.

Fourth, if the chandelier in your home is dusty, then you should immediately clean it. Turn off the light, let it cool, then wipe it clean with cotton gloves.

Make sure one of your gloves is dry, and the other one is made damp by using a glass cleaner liquid. If your chandelier is made of crystal, use a mixture of alcohol and distillation water (1: 3). Wipe each section with the damp glove and dry it with the dry one.

Fifth, use the WD-40 to remove your decorative sticker from your outdated bathroom, especially in the surface of the bath tub. Spray it onto the surface of the sticker and the surrounding areas. Gradually lift the edge of the sticker and spray the WD-40 again to get into the bottom of the sticker. Lift the sticker with unused credit cards. Finally, wipe the surface where the sticker was previously attached sticker with dish soap.

Good luck!

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