Reviewing and Renovating Houses after the Floods

Flooded HouseFlood is a seasonal natural disaster which often occurs in various areas in various countries. After the floods hit homes, the home owners will deal with a lot of things related to house cleaning. If you experience the same thing, you might  deal with some flood problems at house as follow:

1 . Floor
Some of the most common problems found are hollow sounding tiles, a continuous discharge of water from the grout, and a dirty grout. Although the tiles are still in a good position, the tiles are no longer glued perfectly due to submerged by the flood water within a specified period. When tapped, the tiles will cause a loud voice.

It can cause popping, in which the tiles are pulled up by themselves. Before the popping happens, lift the tiles and attach them using tile adhesive. Adjust the type of adhesive to the area, whether it is dry or wet area.

2. Wall
Flood will cause problems to the walls too, such as the dirty, damp, and peeling wall paint. Handling the wall problems due to the flooding is quite easy because the cause is known. Let the walls dry first. The walls will dry faster when exposed to sunlight or wind.

To speed drying, you can use the fan. After the walls are completely dry, then sand the old paint and apply the new one. For wooden walls, the structure can be damaged and the shape can expand due to water. This also happens to door frames and furniture parts. Wood which is much easier to be repaired is solid wood. The shape change can be fixed by reshaping the doors on the edges. Meanwhile, processed wood such as particle board, MDF, and multiplex which use layers such as varnish or paper is more difficult to repair.

3 . Electricity network
Electricity network is one of the top things you should watch out for when the flood comes. When the flood comes, panic might make you forget to disconnect the power supply which is still connected. Similarly, you should watch out when turning on the power supply after the floods. The first step is to disconnect all electrical equipment from the outlet to avoid damage. Also make sure all the fuses and all electrical switches are in the down state or the off position.

The next step is to clean and dry all the fuses, plugs, switches, light fittings, and all components in it. Remove the appliances from the wall, wipe them using a cloth until all of the components are dry. Only then plug everything back in its original position .

4 . Water network
Generally, the problems associated with post-flood water network is the water pump. The problem often occurs because when water begins to stagnate, the pump is turned on. People often do not realize the water has reached the pump, especially when the pump is located lower than the floor. If water enters the pump, there will be short circuit that burns the coil dynamo machine. To fix it, the coil must be dismantled. The burned part should be replaced and spliced ​​with new copper wire. Water pumps can also take in dirty water and even mud.

It would be helpful to do things that prevent any future flood hit your home. Raise your house floor above the flood threshold. If possible, make absorption wells and plant more big trees.  Most importantly, let your family and invite your neighbors to always maintain the cleanliness of drains and sewage system.

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