Ring Gazebo: A Smart Idea to Beautify Your Garden

Ring Gazebo

Gazebo is an outdoor place which has a lot of functions. It can serve as a place to study, gather with friends or family, or read some books while enjoying the fresh air. To make your activity in the gazebo feels more comfortable, you need to consider the size of the garden or yard. An ideal gazebo has a quarter size of the entire yard. It is to smooth the air circulation and also the people circulation in the yard.

Besides considering the size, you also need to choose the right gazebo shape. Adjust the shape to your taste and also the entire home concept so that it will create a harmony. There are various shapes of gazebo such as rectangular, hexagonal, and round like a ring. This ring shape can be an inspiration for your gazebo at your home. The material used in this ring gazebo is different from others. The compound of cold granites and wood will create a warm effect which shows an elegant look. Then, enjoying a cup of tea in the evening would be so fun and great, moreover if you are in a unique calming gazebo of your garden. It’s just so peaceful, isn’t it?

To make the ring gazebo more comfortable, you can add some ornaments such as a small table, cushions, stones, lamps, and unique stepping stones. These stepping stones can be added with lighting effects so that you will have a bright and exotic night view.

Since the ring gazebo is in the outdoor place, it will be easily stained by dust and splashed rain water blown by the wind. It is suggested that you clean the gazebo from the dust regularly and anticipate the rain water which may cause mildew on the wood surface.

image credit: tabloidrumah.com 

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