Artistic Small Russian Home Decorated with 30.000 Bottle Caps

bottle cap houseSometimes we just don’t realize that many things around us could be useful for home updates, even the things considered as litter. One example of this phenomenon is the use of bottle caps for decorating wall exterior. Don’t you think it’s very unique and smart? Bottle caps often ended up as things littering soil surface. Yet, this small wooden home is decorated in rustic and homey artistic patterns using no less than 30.000 bottle caps (freshome). Very amazing. This bottle cap home is located in the Russian village of Kamarchaga, in the Siberian taiga. The owner and mastermind of this awesome project is a Russian pensioner, Olga Kostina, who has a passion to cross the boundaries of common rural home design. She placed every single bottle cap herself, using hammer and nails. To create the intricate patterns she employed the macrame technique (hand woven and knit knots). You may find it interesting with its stunning patterns. Very rustic and artistic, isn’t it?

bottle cap house2

bottle cap house3

bottle cap house4

bottle cap house5image credit: Freshome 

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