Safety First: The Safe Bathroom Design Guide

Full White Bathroom“Safety first”. This is a must slogan which is applied widely in every business including when dealing with a home design. Bathroom, as a place which always deals with water, should be designed as safe as possible to avoid any injury. Survey said that 70 % accidents in the home happened in the bathroom.  If the bathroom is not design properly, people will get injured due to, say, slipping on a slippery area, knocking over a cabinet, or bumping into the sanitary equipment because of a lack of space. To create a healthy and safe bathroom for all ages, we need to consider the following tips.

Bathroom design guide for all ages

  • Choose textured and not slippery tiles to prevent the possibility of slipping. Avoid any acute angle which may endanger the user.
  • Choose floor mats and other accessories which are not easily moved.
  • Keep the electrical socket away from children and wet areas as well. Make sure that the electric appliances are turned off when not in use.

Bathroom design guide for children

  • Keep away any substance which is used to clean the bathroom from the reach of children. Keep the chemicals in a locked cabinet or in a high shelf.
  • Install the door handle in a high position so that toddlers or children cannot reach and play it.

Bathroom design guide for elderly and wheelchair users

  • Provide adequate lighting in the bathroom to support the elderly who have reduced vision.
  • Add a hand railing around the sanitary equipments such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers so that the users can hold onto it while walking.
  • For wheelchair users, the center of the bathroom should be let empty so that they can spin the wheelchair.
  • Avoid any floor leveling so that the wheelchair users can access the bathroom easily.
  • Choose sanitary equipments which are easy to use by elderly and wheelchair users; the ones which require a little effort to use.

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