Sample of Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Floor Plans

Small Home Office with Wall Accecories
Small Home Office with Wall Accessories (

Do you do a business in your home? Do you work at home? Well, nowadays there are many people prefer working at home. If you belong to these people, a home office design will fit you along with your job perfectly. It will be very great for consultants, doctors, designers, tailors, or even lecturers who receive their students at home.

According to, there are several things to consider if you want to have a home office.

Your house has to serve two different businesses: the office’s and the family’s. Both have different emotional needs indeed. A house is just like a nest. Warmth, intimacy, as well as the need to grow together, relax and rest are the elements that should be supported by the facility at the house. Meanwhile, the office is the center of productivity and professionalism. It requires a calm atmosphere to work.

A home office design can go wrong when: a) the home’s role is too dominant so that the activity and productivity are disturbed; b) the office’s role is too dominant so that the family members loss their privacy and opportunity to develop an emotional relationship; or c) the roles of the home and the office blend in without a clear boundary.

In other words, a home office design should provide a clear boundary between the office space and home space. Guests who come with different purposes will be received in a different space. Besides, a transitional space between home and office is also important. This transition space allows you, your family members, and even guests meet. Without this transitional space, there will be no home office. Why? The term of home office itself has explained it; that there is a separation and a unity as well between the home and the office.

Below is an example of a home office plan with a semi-basement concept. The used area is 8,5×12 meters or 102 meter squares while the building is about 190 meter squares.

Second Floor of Small Home Office
Second Floor of Small Home Office in a Split Level (
First Floor or Semi Basement for Small Home Office
First Floor or Semi Basement for Small Home Office (

From the floor plan above we can see that the office is separated but remains connected to the family spaces. The office is designed in a split level so that you can move from this office to the first floor. In this first floor you can find a dining room, a kitchen, a sitting room, and a main bedroom. The dining room, kitchen, and sitting room can play the roles of both the home and the You can access the first floor without passing the office; just use the stair beside the house so that any family guest can directly enter the dining room.

The first floor is completely a family space which consists of two kid rooms and a sitting room to relax and watching Tv. However, you still can modify this floor plan by turning the function of the first floor into the second floor and vice versa. The position of the office room can be enlarged to the front side while the service area for servant’s room can be enlarged at the back side.

From the front side, this house is designed in a modern minimalist or modern contemporary style. The contemporary style might be fit your professional image. It means that with this contemporary style you are willing to show that you are always up to date. Your office provides a service which is up to date. You are a modern professional who is always concerned about functional aspects. 

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