Secondary Skin: A Shortcut to Improve the Appearance of Your Home Facade

Tropical Home DesignSecondary skin functions like a filter to reduce direct sunlight exposure to the facade of the house. The result is the room which is protected by a secondary skin feels colder. The application of this secondary skin also makes the appearance of a fa├žade more interesting. Therefore, in order to install a secondary skin properly and smoothly, we should consider the following five points.

1. Expert consultation
Before planning to install a double facade, ask for advice to experts such as architects or contractors. Consult the design concept, materials, construction, until a solution to the problems that can occur during the installation process.

2. Check the structure of the house
To create a secondary skin, the structure of the house should be completely sturdy. It is because the secondary skin will rely on the main building construction. Therefore, check the condition of the old structure of the house from the foundations, columns, up to the beams.

3. Get to know the direction and position of the home
If your home is facing toward the sun rise or set (east and west), the installation of a secondary skin can become dominant. The main function of the double facade to reduce the sunlight will be fulfilled.

4. Material selection
After determining the function and placement, you can judge whether or not the material is suitable, which includes the shape, application method, weight, maintenance, resistance, and costs.

5. Budgeting
The cost of installing a secondary skin is influenced by several things including the width of the area, the complexity of the design, the structure used, the characteristics of the material, and also the finishing. Most importantly, the design concept you have planned should be in accordance to your financial condition.

Those are several tips to build a secondary skin we need to consider. Make the most of your house by creating something which is more than just functional, but also add an aesthetic value.

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