Setting Your Mood through a Vintage Bedroom Decor

Retro Vintage Bedroom Decor IdeaThe bedroom is not just a place to sleep, but also the right place to set the mood. Instead of choosing decorations that seem heavy, a vintage bedroom interior decoration might be right for you.

The vintage look can be obtained by combining some elements of classic design with precise colors and elements. You do not have to be confused with this. Here are several things you can do at home:

First, look for decor elements that are everlasting. No matter what trend is popular today, the vintage items can make your bedroom look beautiful.

The vintage decor is able to bring the feel of romance. Unfortunately, this vintage decor style is associated with soft and beautiful things so they are less suitable for men. This decorating style is generally preferred by women.

Try starting with the use of a beautiful iron bed frame. You could also use a French -style wooden bed. Beautify it with comfortable padded cushions, and combine it with eclectic accessories.

Second, customize the walls of your bedroom. Choose neutral or pastel colors. Also select patterns to decorate the walls. Lace pattern will fit perfectly with the vintage look. Combine that soft shaded wall with things made from brass or other antique objects.

Lastly, make the headboard on your own. If you are reluctant to use a metal framed bed, this could be an interesting alternative in decorating your bedroom. This method is able to provide a personal touch in your bedroom.

Meanwhile, a different approach can also be done to create a vintage bedroom design. Make sure you combine unfinished materials with soft, traditional, and a little glamorous objects. Highlight the architectural features such as stone, blocks of wood, and brick with a bed and a sofa that is soft and comfortable. Also bring a chair desk, credenza, and traditional dressers into the bedroom. Do not forget to include a little bit of glamour touch through the beautiful bedroom lighting.

Good luck!

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