Simple and Energy-Efficient Ways to Keep Your House Cool

living room with a ceiling fanWhat people generally do when the room gets hotter is turning on the air conditioner. Soon after that, the room will get cooler; a real solution. However, air conditioner uses a lot of energy which means it also costs a lot. So, is there any better solution?

Using fans is a simple and affordable solution to hot rooms. Although still using electricity, it uses smaller amount of energy than an air conditioner does. Based on the way to install it, there are some types of fan we usually find; the one which is installed on the ceiling, on the wall, on the ventilation opening, and the portable one.

Some home owners often forget several important things when installing a fan on the ceiling. In fact, if the fan is installed properly, we can save the electrical energy up to 40%. To install a fan properly, we should consider the size of the fan so that it can work efficiently in the room. The fan should be installed at the height of 2.3 meters above the floor to ensure the safety, convenience, and performance.

The other type of fans is ventilation fan. This kind of fan will get rid of the heat in the room and replace it with the cooler one.

The most practical and economical fan is the portable one. You can move the fan and put it in any place you need. Sometimes this fan can also be a decoration element of your room.

There is actually a more energy-efficient way to cool your room; simply use your ventilation opening. Although cross ventilation is a simple thing to make, some people still neglect it when designing a house. In fact this ventilation is very important for the exchange of air to the outside as well as air circulation within the house. So, when you are going to design a new house, make sure that you have discussed this thing with the architect because the existence of ventilation will save much more energy. At night make sure that you cover the ventilation with any curtain to reduce cold air and to prevent any insects entering the room.

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