Simple Guides to Add Colors on Your Home Ceilings

Blue Dining Room with Golden CeilingPainting the ceiling of a house with striking colors is rarely done by homeowners. However, you can actually do this to avoid a boring impression which is often caused by the application of pale wall paint colors.

According to a contributor of Houzz and the owner of Jennifer Ott Interior Design, Jenifer, adding colors to the ceiling can provide a particular effect to the interior. She said if you want to visually increase the height of the ceiling, keep using cold colors there. Meanwhile, if you want your high ceiling to look way shorter, use warm colors such as orange or yellow which creates an intimate atmosphere.

You can start by determining what atmosphere you want in your interior. For instance, you have a fairly big room with a high ceiling. You can warm that space in two ways. Both two ways involve striking colors. Yet, one uses dark colors while another one use bright colors.

Darker or warmer colors include dark brown, purple, blue, green, and other colors in dark shades. While striking bright colors include red, pink, and orange. Those colors are able to make your ceiling visually look sorter that it is. Yet, darker colors will definintely create a different atmosphere from bright colors such as red and orange. Conversely, if you want to have a room with fairly short ceiling, try using colder colors such as white, blue, or light green.

Another way to make a small room look larger is by keeping the ceiling and the walls having similar colors. You can paint your ceiling in pale yellow and your walls in brownish yellow.

After determining what ceiling you want to create, you also need to know the media you can use. First, use the common wall paints. Second, you can also coat it with woods. In addition, don’t forget to do these things:

Light source
Pink or light blue is able to reflect light better than dark colors. Both of these colors can give the impression of “mild”. Meanwhile, the bright red chandelier can reflect well and make beautiful glow. Note the choice of colors with a light source in the room.

Consider the finishing
Second, look at the finishing. Coloring ceiling is usually done by using a matte finish. However, you are not prohibited from using eggshell or satin finish. 

Keep it simple
Lastly, try to only use colored ceiling for certain rooms, such as bedrooms. Spaces that are accessible to families should be kept simple. The reason is too striking ceiling can make your family members get bored in the room more easily.

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