Simple Principles of Creating a Modern Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior DesignWe often hear a lot about modern interior designs, yet there is usually some misunderstanding. It causes the look of an interior is just not like what has been expected. Here we are going to show you some strategies in creating a great modern minimalist interior design.

  • Choose neutral colors for the wall paint, such as grey and beige or ivory.
  • Apply any color accent for one side of the wall only.
  • Choose furniture with simple shapes and does not have a lot of details. It means that you have to be selective in choosing the furniture. Make sure that it is functional and what you really need.
  • Don’t display too many ornaments or accessories.
  • Use indirect and spot light for the light accent and avoid using too many lamps.
  • Use solid colors for the sofa, carpet, pillowcase, and bedcover. It is suggested that you choose simple motifs.
  • Avoid using many color variations. Two or three colors in a room will be enough.

There are still many ways to design a good modern minimalist interior. Overall, this all will be about combining spaces, colors, materials, patterns, and scales. To ease you in remembering these things, we will summarize them into the following main principles:

  • Functional: only place what is useful and needed.
  • Clean: do not use many ornaments because being minimalist means being simple.
  • Practical: do not need of a lot of care and more concern on durability of a design.

So, everything is actually so simple. Apply these principles to your home and you will get a more modern minimalist concept that you really want.

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