Simple Tips to Make Your Bathroom Clean and Healthy

White Blue Bathroom Design IdeaA bathroom should be cleaned at least once a week. A clean bathroom will surely make us feel comfortable to use it. Cleaning a bathroom will not be a hard job if we know how to clean it effectively and easily. Here are several things we need to consider in maintaining a bathroom.

Clean the bathroom regularly
We can get rid of germs effectively when we clean the bathroom routinely, regularly. Ideally, brush the bathroom once a day using soap, detergent, or bathroom cleaning liquid. It is even better if we use environmentally friendly cleaning liquid which doesn’t smell and damage spoilage microorganisms in the drain.

Avoid the use of excessive chemical
In cleaning the bathroom, try to avoid using excessive chemical. It is because cleaning liquids remove and kill germs so that if it is used excessively it can make the bacteria inside the drain and septic tank dead as well. As a result, the decaying process of the feces and urine will be hampered and the drain can be clogged.

Use caustic soda
To make the bathroom drain remains smooth, you can use caustic soda which contains substances that can stimulate the growth of spoilage bacteria. To get the best result, use the caustic soda as floor cleaner for once a week up to once a month.

Use aromatherapy
You can use aromatherapy to get rid of the odor in the bathroom. In addition to creating fragrance, the use of aromatherapy oils is also good for health. All of these fragrances are not favored by spoilage microorganisms and other insects.

Those are some tips to clean your bathroom effectively. Clean it regularly and properly so that you will always have a healthy and clean bathroom.

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