Single to Double Storey Home Renovation

Modern Minimalist Double Storey Exterior Home DesignThe architecture of a one-story house must be different from a two-story house’s. If you want to transform your single storey house into the double one, you should make sure that your house has a quite deep foundation. If the foundation is strong enough, then there will be no rooms or walls demolished. Yet, if you are not sure about this, you should reconstruct the foundation. For this matter, it is suggested that you see an expert of home renovation architecture.

Follow the pattern of the original building architecture
For convenience, the renovation of the house should be done by following the basic architectural patterns. That way, there is not too many things should be changed. At least you only need to change the roof of the house and strengthen the building frame by creating poles or concrete. When you wish to add level of your house, you also have re-design your house. Consider which rooms would be changed, which walls should be demolished, and so forth.

It is very necessary to make changes wisely. Try not have too many rooms or walls demolished. Extreme architectural changes do give new impression in which the house seems like a new home. However, it inevitably costs a lot. In this case, you should decide what rooms should be on the first floor. Try not to make too many changes on this first floor.

The second-floor architecture can be made lighter than the first floor. This method becomes very important when you are not doing the demolition of the house foundation. Consequently, the top floor does not have that much space. The existing space is also not designed to accommodate a lot of people and a lot of furniture. Thus, simply put furniture or other objects that are important on the second floor.

Note the air circulation
When converting a single floor house to a double floor house, you also need to pay attention to the air circulation. Do not let the additional floor make the lower floor get stuffy. This can occur if the lower floor is closed so that the air is blocked and cannot enter the space. To overcome this, you should add additional air vents.

Building additional floor will also provide a major change in the intensity of sunlight that enters the house. It will block the sunlight way to enter your house. The way to solve this problem is similar to they way you should deal with with air circulation problem. You can open part of the roof or intentionally make certain parts to be more open. This will greatly assist in the process of remodeling the house architecture.

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