Six Wonderful Artificial Harbours

Port of Long Beach
The Port of Long Beach, also known as Long Beach’s Harbor Department, is one of the most successful seaports in the world. It is the second busiest container port in the USA after the Port of Los Angeles.

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A harbour is a place can be used as a shelter for ships, boats, and barges. Many cities are located near harbours since they can provide a connection to international shipping and trade. A harbour generally has specially designed equipments to load and unload passengers or goods. There are two basic types of harbours; natural and artificial. A natural harbour is surrounded on several sides by prominences of land. Its geological features created by the landscape. In contrast, an artificial harbour is created through the use of piers, jetties, and other man-made features. Both natural and artificial harbours can be found all over the world. The designs of artificial harbours around the world deserve our attention. We should appreciate the architectural works of the professional engineering who have smartly designed them. Now let’s see these six wonderful artificial harbours around the world that must amaze you.

Port of Rotterdam
The port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe and was the world's busiest port from 1962 to 2004, until it was overtaken by Shanghai.

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Jebel Ali Harbour
Jebel Ali is a deep port located in Jebel Ali Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Jebel Ali is the world's largest man-made harbor and the biggest port in the Middle East.

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Port of Houston
The Port of Houston is a port in Houston — the fourth-largest port in the United States

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Port of San Diego
The Port of San Diego is a self-supporting public benefit corporation established in 1962 by an act of the California State Legislature.

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Port of Los Angeles
The Port of Los Angeles is a port complex that occupies 3,000 ha of land and water along 69 km of waterfront.

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