Small Home Design Tips

Cozy Small Living Room DesignThere are a lot of family living in a small sized house. Some problems may arise due to the limited space. Today we share the solutions for small home designs to feel more spacious and roomy. Here are some steps you can do:

  • Choose bright colors. Don’t use dark colors because they can make rooms look smaller and even scattered. In addition, bright colors will generally provide an impression of a comfortable home.
  • Choose furniture which is simple, without complicated motif, and looks light. For instance, you can choose high legged furniture with a simple design which is matching with the character of your home. It would be much better if we can get hung or wall mounted furniture such as a mounted bookshelf for our workroom. This kind of furniture helps you save space in your tiny interior.
  • Make every space in your house functional, such as the area under stairs and hallways.
  • If you love plants, you can choose the ones which are simple and have small branches. This kind of plant is able to provide an impression of a spacious minimalist home design.
  • Merge several rooms whose function is similar to one room only. Eliminate any room which is almost never used, or think about different activities which are actually can be done in one room.  For instance, you can merge the kitchen with the dining room, the dining room with the family room, the study room with the bedroom, the workroom with the master bedroom, and so on.
  • Changing a room function based on a certain situation and condition. For example, you can turn your dining room into a family room in which we would need certain type of foldable furniture. Another room which function can be changed anytime is the bedroom which can become a home office at certain hours with the help of some certain furniture as well. It is the most effective way to deal with a small house design.

Those are some tips to deal with a tiny home design. Once again, a limited space would never be a problem if can deal with it smartly and properly.

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