Smart Tips to Choose the Right Wall Paint Colors

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Choosing wall paint is one thing that is quite crucial for your house. Each color has its own character. This is what makes a room capable of emitting a special feel.

The application of the paint color is quite flexible. You can apply a single color or multiple colors at once. When you apply more than one color, the atmosphere created will also be more interesting and colorful.

Selection of basic color
In choosing a base wall paint color, you should consider a neutral color. Colors like white or gray are is a good example of base color for the walls of your house. Both colors are also easily combined with other colors. The white color has a simple, clean and spacious impression. But if you want to combine it with other colors, you should be careful. A careless application might cause a cold and rigid impression.

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For gray, this color is able to provide a sense of peace to the house occupants. Just like white, gray is also able to give a spacious impression to a room. Yet, you should use this color wisely, meaning that do not use it excessively.

Combining colors
When you combine colors for the wall paint, you should consider the base color. If the base color is white, for instance, you are more free in combining colors.

Before choosing the colors to be combined, it is necessary to determine what atmosphere you want to present. If it is a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, blue can be the perfect choice. Yet, if want a natural atmosphere, you can choose green.

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In addition to the above two colors, black also can be an attractive option. This color gives an elegant and sturdy impression, and is capable of providing a protective effect. Consider  its quantity though. Do not apply too much black as an improper application of black can make a room seem gloomy.

To create a warm, comfortable and quiet impression, brown can be an attractive option. This color is perfect for the family room or living room. This color is also good to apply to a large room since it could reduce the cold and empty impression in the room.

Wall paint colors in a minimalist house
In a minimalist house, the application of the paint color generally involves more than one color. However, keep avoiding the application of too many patterns or ornaments because they will make the minimalist room seem cluttered, losing its minimalist impression. Therefore, if you have a minimalist house design, you’d better provide plain wall paint, without any patterns.

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