Smart Tips to Create a Wooden House

Stunning Wooden House DesignA wooden house is proved to be more exotic when compared to a home made ​​of concrete. However, nowadays wood is hard to obtain so that a wooden house is considered a unique building, which has a relatively high resale value.

In order to create a beautiful sturdy wooden house you should consider several things as follow:

  • The home should be built in an area that is safe for wood and can guarantee that the wooden house can stay sturdy and durable. A wooden house built by the sea often gets damaged more easily.
  • Adjust the type of the wood to the architectural values you want to display. For instance, use the best quality of teak wood for the main column structure so that the house will be sturdy, while for the walls you can use wooden boards with interesting textures to create a beautiful home.
  • Wood preservation is done before it is used as building materials. The wood preservation can be done by soaking it or painting the surface so that it is resistant to insects and weathering.

How to create a wooden house 
In general, a wooden house construction can be done in simple steps. Here’s how to create a beautiful, strong and low cost wooden house:

  1. Gathering data of the existing land and the home design plan.
  2. Making the architectural drawing.
  3. Wooden structure calculations to determine the dimensions and the type of wood quality which is safe and efficient to use in every part of the house structure.
  4. Preparation of detailed drawings of the wooden house structures based on the results of previous calculations.
  5. Calculation of the budget of the building.
  6. Obtaining building materials and preservation efforts.
  7. Construction of the wooden house with the best working method based on the design drawing that has been made previously.
  8. House maintenance from things that can damage the building such as roof leaks or wood destroying insects.

That is the overview of tips on how to make a wooden house. The best home is not the most luxurious home, but the one that can provide comfort and serenity in doing every activity.

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