Some Considerations to Partition a Room

Modern Green Room DividerNowadays there are houses with big or large rooms. It is intended to provide a space which can be used for various activities. However, not all people like or need those large rooms. Partitioning the room then can be a solution. Prior to the room insulation, there are several things you should consider as follows:

Room size
Before you split the existing space in your home, consider beforehand how big the two rooms after the insulation. If you do not take it into account properly, the rooms may feel cramped. When privacy is very important, partitioning the big room is a necessity. You have to do it thoroughly so that the room does not feel cramped. Partitions that are used should not be overly massive. Here you can simply use a bookcase or a transparent panel.

Functions and purposes of the room
There are times when you really need a big room for certain purposes such as family events. However, you do not always need a big room. Therefore, choose a room divider that can be open and close, or foldable. The options are folding door or lightweight panels that can be moved around. In this way, the room would be more flexible. When you need a large space, you can increase the area of ​​your room then.

Building design
Review the design of your building before determining the position of a room divider. In general, the architect designed the house with a clear space program. The room has been defined, although not with a clear boundary.

The divider that you use is just to emphasize that it limits the room. You should follow the architect’s design to determine the position of the divider. If you are not sure of the position, you can consult it to an interior designer or architect.

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