Some Options of Window Styles and Types for Your Home

Comfortable Interior Design with Glass WindowsCan you imagine a house without windows? The windows not only provide natural light, but also warmth, ventilation, and help determine the style of your home.

Window styles
Before determining what window you want to create in your home, let’s learn about some kinds of windows and how to customize it to your needs.

  1. Double hung. It is a window type that has two panels that can slide up and down and can be opened either from the top or bottom.
  2. Single hung. It is a double- hung window, but the top sling (panel) is fixed, cannot be shifted up or down.
  3. Casement. It is a swing window that can be opened outwards.
  4. Picture. It is a large window that cannot be opened; a sort of frame that frames the outside atmosphere.
  5. Louvre. It is a glass window composed of several pieces (strips) that requires horizontal glass crank to open it.
  6. Fixed. This kind of window is large and cannot be opened. It also serves as a wall of the house.
  7. Skylight. It is a window located on the roof to accommodate the natural light of the sun rays.
  8. Bay and bow. It is a combination of a square -shaped window and provides more space than the house.

Window materials
Once you determine the style of windows you want, it is the time to determine the type of window you want to have. The window is usually made from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

  1. Wood. This material is the most common choice for window because this material is able to complement the traditional architecture and also offers unlimited possibilities in ornaments or staining.
  2. Vinyl. This window type is suitable for homeowners who do not want to be bothered in terms of maintenance. Vinyl windows last a long time, are energy saving, and almost maintenance free.
  3. Fiberglass. Similar to vinyl windows, fiberglass windows are also durable, cost effective, and almost maintenance free. What makes this very attractive is that it is available in various colors, unlike the vinyl windows which are limited in the number of colors.
  4. Aluminum. For homeowners with a more modern aesthetic, aluminum windows give the impression of a sleek and minimalist look because this material maximizes the views.

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