Some Wood Sidings Options Which Create Warm Look to Your Exterior Walls

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If you want to add warm look to your walls, you may consider installing wood siding. Wood siding comes in various patterns, widths, and styles. It must be installed properly to ensure that each piece overlaps the other pieces correctly.There are many types of wood siding available, including shingles, horizontal wood siding, vertical wood siding, and composite wood siding. Wood shingles are installed in overlapping across the width of an exterior wall to minimize moisture penetration while maximizing the strength and durability. Horizontal wood siding or clapboard siding consists of overlapping rows of wood planks like the modern siding installations. The width of the boards can vary based on the desired appearance. You can also choose to have your wall painted or left unfinished. Vertical wood siding or known as board-and-batten is installed vertically along the length of the wall. It will create a rustic look to your house. The boards are connected using tongue-and-groove connectors and then lined with the battens (horizontal trim pieces). Composite wood siding tends to be less expensive than the other wood siding types. In some cases it may look like plywood, except it does not have a nice finish.

With a proper installation and regular maintenance, wood siding could last for many years. The maintenance of the these exterior wood sidings include proper washing, staining, and sealing whenever the heat of the sun faded the finished surface or when moisture starts to create mold and mildew. In addition, if you are tired of your old wood siding, you can simply painted it with the color you want.

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