Staircase Steps in Feng Shui: The Representation of Life Phases

Classic Staircase Design IdeaStairs is one of the important components in a terraced house which has several floors. Some people believe that the number of steps can bring luck or even bad luck.

According to the stairs Feng Shui science, the number of steps is actually an adaptation of the Hindu culture of India. In Hindu belief, the stairs are always counted by three steps, which symbolize the trinity of three gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma represents birth, Vishnu represents life, and Shiva represents death. This rule was adopted and refined by the Chinese culture , which then count stairs by five steps, symbolizing birth, adult, elderly, death, and misery (waiting period before reincarnation).

In the science of Feng Shui, good stairs are the ones when divided by five will still have one or two steps, symbolizing birth and life. Some examples of good stairs are those with 11, 12, 16, or 17 steps. If it is not possible to have such stairs, you can make stairs with the remaining of three steps (stairs with 8, 13, or 18 steps). If the remaining steps are four, or if the stairs can completely divided by five, it is believed that the floor above would symbolize death or misery.

Staircase position is more important than the number of steps
According to the science of Feng Shui, the number of steps is not a matter of principle. The rule about step of stairs is not associated with the distribution of energy or chi, but is more related to the suggestion or belief.

There are two things in Feng Shui, namely principles and rules. The principle has a higher position and is more fundamental than the rule. The number of steps is not a matter of principle, but rule. So if it is violated, it is not really a problem.

There is a more necessary thing than the number of steps, which is the position or location of stairs in a house. If the position of the stairs face the main door at the front, then the chi energy will not spread in the room, but immediately go upstairs.  It is far worse than the wrong count of staircase steps.

If the number of steps already leaves over four or can be divided by five completely, as long as the position has been matched, it is not a problem. But if you want to change it, there are several ways you can do. First, you can add a step to the top step or the bottom one or both. Second, for the stairs shaped “L” or “U”, the landing part can be added with a step.

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