Steps to Deal with Damaged Wooden Floors

Living Room with Exotic Wood Floor Design and Modern Dark SofaNatural wood flooring is beautiful. However, after using a wood floor over a dozen years or maybe even decades, you will see changes on the look of the  floor. Signs of damage and aging begin to appear. Before updating the floor, first learn the following steps:

First of all, determine the type of wood flooring that you use. Remember, you cannot give refinishing on laminated wood flooring. In addition to natural wood, you might be able to provide engineered wood refinishing. However, the wood layer must be sufficiently thick .

Then, contact your trusted professional to conduct refinishing on the wood floors. Wooden floor supplier companies usually have professionals who are good at this thing. Start looking for them from the store or company which supply your flooring.

If possible, try to find information about the background of these professionals. Find out how long they’ve been working in this field. Find out also the working system and the type of polyurethane they use.

Second, avoid the desire to re-coat your hardwood floors without the help of professionals. Without any professional help, you may just waste more and more money.

Third, the process of coating or re-finishing hardwood floors is not a short process. You need three to seven days to do so. The time needed for the process is highly dependent on the size and complexity of the project. Dust, odor, and other disturbances during the refinishing wood floors also makes you are strongly advised not to be at home for a few days until the work is completed.

Fourth, avoid the rainy season to upgrade the look of your wood flooring. The reason is, you’ll need space to store belongings and get rid of them from the house. Without a warehouse, you need to keep it outdoors. The rainy season certainly makes it more difficult.

Lastly, you do not need to re-coat the entire house if only a small part of the floor appear dull. Do it only when you feel it really necessary.

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