Stressless Steps on Moving House Effectively and Efficiently

Happy couple in their new home conceptMoving to a new home is certainly something fun. It is not just about the new environment, but also the hope of a better life. But behind that, there are a lot of complicated things. No wonder that many people feel reluctant to start. Well if your new house has been ready, immediately set the moving day. To make everything simple, do the following steps on how to move to a new house effectively.

One month before

  • Notify bank, insurance company, and other companies who usually send invoice or notification to you and your family about your plans to move to a new home. Do not forget to give your new home address.
  • Contact a freight company if you are planning to use their services. If not, find a car for carrying your goods.
  • Clean your entire new home, from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, to the bathroom. Get rid of items that will not be useful. You should also start to tidy up the garden until the day when the house does not look cluttered. Check the installation of telephone, water, and electricity.

Three weeks before

  • Start doing the packing of goods that will be taken to the new home. Start from the items that are not used for the days ahead until you move. Do it in stages until all goods are packed. Discard items that are not useful and will not be used again. After packing, do labeling and listing of the packages so that you can find them easily later.
  • Clean the entire home before you leave.

One week before

  • Check and confirm the moving service company or companies that rent vans. Notify neighbors and old housing board that you are moving. In addition to saying goodbye you should give your new home address, in case there is a letter or people looking for you in your old address.

The D-day

  • List all items that are already in the van. Make sure that all the goods have been transported. Keep an eye on when transporting the goods, especially fragile items, pets, and children’s items. Place these items in a safe position in the van.
  • Open all doors and windows when you put your goods into your new home. Begin to open the box of your goods and organize them based on your plan. When all are finished, take a moment to try. Feel whether the arrangement of the furniture is comfortable and suits your wishes. Do not forget, as a newcomer, you should get acquainted with neighbors and report to the board of your new housing.

Have a simple, effective, and fun moving!

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