Survey Proves Home Designs Determine Homeowners’ Happiness

Bright Fresh White Living Room with Modern Colorful SofasHappiness can indeed be triggered by many things. However, according to the results of a survey of more than 6,000 respondents, happiness of homeowners can actually be measured.

There are several things that can affect homeowners’ happiness. In fact, the survey also proves that a good home design turns out to have contributed to the happiness. Consider the following survey. As many as 87 percent of the respondents reveal that the design of the house has an influence over their happiness as its owner. Furthermore, 74 percent of the respondents who have been through the process of home renovation in the past two years confirm that they feel happier after doing renovations or redecorating the interior of the house.

Meanwhile, homeowners describing their “in need of renovation” do not seem to be happy. Among homeowners who are in need of renovation, only 51 percent are happy to be home.

So, how to achieve happiness in the house? A house with large windows and a house with comfortable furniture has able to make its owner happy. Two key elements of this got the vote 74 percent (large windows) and 70 percent (furniture) of all respondents.

The results of the survey also states that homeowners are happy to be in a clean and organized space (72 percent) and convenient (68 percent). The men prefer the comfortable room, while the women in this survey prefer the clean and tidy room.

In addition, the men seem to enjoy the sound of music in the house. Women also love to hear the sound, but they prefer to hear the sound of family members having a conversation.

Not only sex that determines the taste. According to the survey, respondents who live in rural areas like to hear the sounds of nature, while respondents in the suburbs like to hear the conversations between children and family members. Meanwhile, respondents living in the city center really like to hear music in the house.

Fragrances also become one of the factors that can affect the happiness of the homeowners. Thirty nine percent of respondents reveal that fragrance of toast and dishes make them very happy. There are also 33 percent of respondents perceive that the fragrance of fresh air outdoors makes them happy. Finally, 14 percent of respondents felt happy when smelling fragrance from candles.

Now you’ve got an idea of ​​the elements that can make the homeowners happy. So, is there any reason that homeowners are not happy? It turns out there are reasons for this. Dirty dishes are apparently the first thing making homeowners unhappy. Thirty two percent of the respondents said that they felt very happy to be at home if there are no dirty dishes in their kitchen. What about you?

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