Terracotta Tile: Solution for Efficient Exterior Wall Treatments

Modern House with Brick WallExterior wall of the house is the area most exposed to the sun or rain water. That is why we often spend extra money in constructing the exterior wall. Some use exterior paint that resists weather changes. There are also waterproof wall coatings available in various attractive colors. In fact, some people prefer choosing materials other than paint coatings. They chose to protect the exterior walls with ceramic or natural stone with a reason that those materials are easy to maintain and to clean.

It turns out that the idea of ​​covering the exterior walls using materials other than paints does have a good point considering the dramatic weather change. It is obvious that the weather change has an impact on the building, especially on the exterior wall.

This exterior wall covering idea must be applied in a clear and right concept. A wrong concept might make your house look like a hospital which is coated with monotonous plain tiles, or even like a bathroom with too many tile patterns. There are also some houses which look like a cave due to the installation natural stones for exterior wall which is too thick and messy.

Therefore, it would be great if you choose terracotta ceramic for exterior wall coatings, which look natural. Similar to natural red brick arrangement, these terracotta tiles can be arranged neatly along the exterior wall of the second floor. With this concept, your house will still look like a house; because the color red will make a house look more alive, and the natural plain terracotta tile will not make your house like a bathroom.

Hopefully this simple idea is useful for those of you who want to coat the exterior wall with terracotta tiles. It would be the right solution to reduce the cost for house maintenance. Although it can’t be denied that coating exterior wall in this way is clearly more expensive than simply painting it, you will find it very useful in the house maintenance. It will ease you in your upcoming years.

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