The Advantages of a House Facing East

Modern Beach House with Minimalist ExteriorWhat are the advantages of a house which faces east? Although there is nothing wrong with any direction of a house, yet each has its own advantages. It is often used as a reference in choosing a house. Here are several advantages and disadvantages of a house which faces east.

Advantages of a house facing east

  • We can see the beautiful sunrise from the terrace every morning. It can create a fresh air and bring pleasing natural light into the house.
  • We will be more protected from the sun’s heat during the day. It would be different with a house facing west which has to close or cover the terrace to avoid or at least reduce the sun’s heat.
  • The wall paints in the front part of the house tend to last longer because they never deal with sun’s heat during the day.
  • The ornamental plants in the terrace would always look beautiful every morning due to the sunrise light. It would be very pleasing to see that gorgeous view welcoming us every morning.
  • We are freer in designing our dream house without having to consider the ways to reduce sun’s heat during the day time.
  • The morning sunshine which enters the house can create a healthy atmosphere. Based on a study, the sunlight contains vitamin D and other substances which are needed by our body.

Disadvantages of a house facing east

  • We cannot see the beautiful sunset every evening.
  • Not all people like a house design which faces east for no particular reason. For instance, it may due to a certain belief like feng shui .

Regardless of those advantages and disadvantages, there are always solutions to deal with any house direction through a smart architecture idea. For example, if we already have a land location with a road at the west, it will definitely be better to build a house facing the road, facing west, rather than facing east but at opposite direction from the road.

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