The Characteristics and Advantages of a Minimalist Home Design

Luxury Interior Design with Modern Minimalist StyleMinimalist is a term used to describe something that is very basic, along with the most simple and uncomplicated shape. What about a minimalist home then? Obviously, according to the previous explanation, a minimalist house is a house which has a simple character. Here are the features and benefits that can be obtained from a minimalist home design.

The characteristics of a minimalist house
The most common features that can be found in a minimalist home are:

  • There are only few pieces of furniture and objects. For instance, in the living room you may only find a unit of furniture/object that is divided into three parts; a set of tables and chairs, a decorative element such as photograph or painting,  and lamps.
  • In the bedroom you probably will only see a bed, a simple wardrobe, and a small shelf beside the bed.
  • All the furniture that is put in the interior is the one which is really needed. The furniture should really have function, not only for home decoration.
  • There are many empty surfaces. In a minimalist house, you will seldom see a wall covered with ornaments or decorations that enliven the atmosphere.
  • When there is a decoration on the wall, e.g. a painting, it is usually in the form of a painting that has a strong character and quality such as an abstract painting. Thus, although there is only one decorative object on the wall, it is able to create an impression of decorative look on the entire wall.

The point is, people are very selective when choosing furniture for their minimalist home. Yet, it doesn’t mean that a minimalist home interior is plain and empty. It does need home decorations in certain points which function as accents.

The advantages of a minimalist house

  • It eases you in organizing the objects inside the house. When you clean the house every day, you have to spend a lot of time to clean up various objects on the table, before you can actually clean the table’s surface. After that, you have to clean each item on the table, and then you put the items neatly like before. In a minimalist house, you will rarely find items or objects placed on the surface of the furniture. It will certainly simplify your task of in cleaning the house.
  • It eases you to find your stuff. When you have a lot of works you do at home, there are usually so many cluttered objects around you. Your belongings were scattered or piled up with each other and there is a chaos here and there. But, if you have a spacious room through the minimalist home layout, you can avoid such clutter problem in your home. It will eventually create a good mood to work.
  • It helps you reduce dirt and dust inside the house. The more stuff you have, the more dust you find, the more difficult and inconvenient home cleaning you do. But, when you only have few objects, you can clean them more easily and quickly since you do not need to stumble here and there when using the vacuum cleaner.

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