The Characteristics of Good Housing

Modern Minimalist HousingThose who want to buy a house or developers who sell properties would definitely have criteria of good housing. This standard is what will make a higher sale value and attract consumers as the buyers. Before buying a dream home, buyers will usually look around the residential area to find which house is best. Here we share brief information on some considerations before buying a house.

Characteristics of good housing

  • Affordable house prices are an important factor to make houses quickly sold. It explains why innovation and creativity are needed to keep providing affordable high quality houses.
  • The residential area is not prone to any natural disasters such as flood and earthquake.
  • The location is strategic, such as close to the motorway and city center.
  • The existence of an empty area for social facility is important. It is to be used by the residents for a variety of common activities such as children’s play area, worship places, and so on.
  • Generally the buildings look good. For instance, the construction is strong, the walls are not cracked, and the architecture looks beautiful.
  • There is a good source of water and electricity. First, water can be obtained by drilling ground water if the is a good source. And secondly, there might be a company that guarantees the water supply for the housing activity.
  • Home purchase can be paid in installments so that although the buyers only have a small amount of money, they are able to buy a house in an installment payment during the loan period.
  • A good environmental atmosphere is also very important since purchasing a home also means purchasing environment around it.
  • There should be a well planned sewage.

Those are some of the characteristics of a good housing, a good living environment. Plan to buy a house? Consider those tips then.

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