The Colors of Fire Elements for House

Modern Red White Living RoomThe color selection for home interior has a great influence for the occupants. According to Feng Shui, colors affect all aspects of the occupants’ life, including wealth, health, career, love, marriage, and so forth. The colors of the fire element such as red, pink, yellow, and oranges are believed to be good for your home interior.

The following are some tips on how to use fire colors in your interior home.

The fire element
The colors of fire are good for the main rooms in your house such as living room, family room, and bedroom. For instance, red is considered good for a place that requires a warm atmosphere.

What about kitchen? There are still some debates whether it is good to use the fire colors for a kitchen. Some say that the colors of fire elements are not good for kitchen although the kitchen itself deals a lot with fire. Some others suggest that you can use any fire element colors in your kitchen as long as you combine it with other colors so that it does not look too contrasting and hot.

Logically, excessive amount of red color (r other colors of the fire element) in a room might make you feel not comfortable. It might either make you feel tired or hot. Thus, it is necessary to always use these fire colors wisely.

Feng Shui interior colors
According to Feng Shui, it is good to have colorful interior in your house. It possible, adjust the interior colors with the whole room color. For instance, if the main color of the room belongs to the water element, then you should adjust the interior colors to it. Again, use every color wisely and make sure that all of the occupants of the house feel comfortable with it.

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