The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco

jewish museumToday we would like to show you another unique yet wonderful design of a building; the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM). This museum was found in San Francisco, California with the purpose to offer contemporary perspectives of Jewish culture, history, art, and ideas. In 2008, the Jewish Museum San Francisco was moved into a new building designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.

The Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco occupies an area of 63.000 square foot (5.900 square meter) and cost $47.5 million to build. This museum has a unique shape with dark-blue stainless steel cube, slices into the old substation’s brick. There are 36 diamond-shaped windows lighting the top floor of metal cube known as the Yud, which hosts sound and performance based exhibitions. The other section of this museum, a slanting rectangle knows as Chet. It holds the narrow lobby, an education center, and part of an upstairs gallery. The contemporary San Francisco Jewish Museum also houses of a multi-purpose event space, a café, an auditorium, and the museum store.

The following are some pictures of the San Francisco Jewish Museum  at its opening in 2008.

jewish museum2
jewish museum3
jewish museum4
jewish museum5
jewish museum7

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