The Dangers and Causes of Indoor Pollution

Modern Bright Living Room IdeaIndoor pollution that actually can be solved is often regarded as a secondary problem. In fact, indoor pollution is much more dangerous if left too long. Indoor pollution is closely related to indoor air quality, or commonly shortened to as IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Most of these indoor pollutants are related to the air inhaled by the people in that space.

There are several main causes of indoor pollution that you can avoid in everyday life, including:

1. Dust
Start paying attention to the corner of the room which is unreachable. The dust can easily settle there on the corners of your home.

2. Chemical products
Beware of household products made ​​from chemicals that can interfere with your breathing system. The-dichlorobenzene is one example of harmful chemicals, which is often found in room deodorizers and mothballs.

3. Indoor smoke
When people are smoking, there will be smoke containing benzo(a)pyrene which can cause cancer when inhaled continuously. Besides cigarettes, the process of heating the water also causes smoke containing chloroform, one of the causes of cancer.

Plywood is made from formaldehyde that functions as an adhesive. When the compound is inhaled in excessive levels in the air, the occupants may experience health problems such as irritation of the head, headache and sore throat.

5. Bad air circulation
If the size and the number of openings inside the house cannot facilitate a good air exchange, some hazardous substances still can settle in the house or even attached on the furniture and finally inhaled by the homeowners.

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