The Green House Architecture Concept

Environmentally Friendly HomeOne of the architectural concepts that support the promotion of environmentally friendly home is the concept of green architecture. Green architecture is a concept that seeks to build or renovate a building with design methods and approaches that have as little as possible negative impact to the environment. The concept is synonymous with the efficient principles, including the efficient use of water, energy, and other resources. Green architecture is not only to minimize the negative impact to the environment, but at the same time has a positive impact on the green environment, residents, social environment, and economy.

The environment is one of the mandatory things in green architecture concept that you need to take into account before building a house. One of the best solutions that you can try to preserve the environment is making green area for gardens or parks filled with various types of plants. The green area will certainly reduce pollution.

No need to worry with limited land which often become obstacles to have an adequate green area. Now it is actually not a problem. You can present a green area on your roof. The idea of a rooftop garden is one of the innovative ideas you should try. You can also try a vertical garden that is now also getting popular.

Reduce, reuse, recycle
Reduce, reuse, and recycle is an approach that is often used in the concept of green architecture. These three important things are actually not a new thing, especially for those of you who care about the environment.

Reduce in the green architecture can be seen in the use of environmentally friendly materials. The use of environmentally friendly materials is also intended to reduce the presence of toxic substances that may result from the transport to the finishing process. Green house prioritizes good circulation system with the installation of proper ventilation. The lighting system is made optimally thus saving electricity usage.

One focus of the green house you should not forget is the efficiency of utilities and pipelines. Its purpose is to conserve water, especially groundwater. For those of you who have more land, make a large green area around the house. Green area can be utilized as a rainwater area for one of the sources of groundwater.

Reuse is an effort to re-use objects that have long been in use. Use sills, zinc, and some other materials that never worth taking. It aims to reduce building waste and garbage.

The recycle is the effort to recycle. Recycle your old stuff e.g. rotting wood to make shelves. With a little creativity, decayed wood will look artistic and can be used as a bookshelf and part of interior decoration at the same time.

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