The Importance of a Good Air Circulation System for a Healthy and Cozy Home

Cozy White Interior Design IdeaIf we want to build a house, we would expect a house that meets the criteria of a beautiful, healthy, and comfortable house. The beauty of course is relative, but when it comes to health, there are several criteria that must be followed.

We will probably agree if a healthy home design should meet several criteria, such as a good air circulation system, adequate natural light from the sunlight either the direct sunlight or the indirect one, room designs which facilitate the movement of the users, and the availability of open space to grow plants. Here is a guideline to build healthy homes with an emphasis on the natural circulation of air in any room in the house:

The room on the outer side of the building should use ventilation to facilitate the air flow, while the rooms in the middle of the building can use the wind catcher channel. In order to make the air flow naturally, the vents are usually made ​​on every two sides of the wall. The different air pressure inside and outside the building will flow the air from vents on one side of the wall to another wall’s vents. The number of the vents or openings in each room should be enough to process an air circulation, flowing the fresh air from outside into the room.

The vent commonly used is in the form of conventional window. Typically, the window shutters are made ​​of glass or wood that can be opened wide in the daytime. Then, there is also a bovenlicht window, i.e. a small window with two glass blades that have a gap between them, which allows for the exchange of air. Bovenlicht is usually installed in the cellar, bathroom or toilet. In addition, there is also naco glass window with glass blades that can be opened and closed. The air vents can also be made in the shape of horizontal lattice on the walls. There are several ways to make the openings, including making a hole in the wall, wood frame with horizontal direction, or using the rooster made ​​of concrete, metal, wood, or aluminum.

A good way used to design a natural air circulation system is the system of cross ventilation. On cross-ventilation system, the air circulation is set up so that the air can flow from one air vent point to another point. With the difference in pressure inside and outside the house, there will be no air flow trapped inside the house which can lead to a stuffy and hot atmosphere.

If you don’t feel satisfied with the existing ventilation, there is still an alternative way, i.e. active ventilation method by adding an exhaust fan on the wall or on a blower the roof. These two tools will actively absorb and flow the air out of the room, to eventually exchange with fresher air through the openings.

When the home is in an urban location and it is impossible to use natural ventilation, you can use artificial ventilation systems such as air conditioner. Of course you should understand first about the standard air conditioner needs for any size and type of room.

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