The Importance of a Panic Room Design for Home Security

Panic Room PlanA thriller film entitled “Panic Room”, starring Jodie Foster, has inspired a new security system for homeowners. What is panic room anyway? It is a safe room built into the house where the owner can isolate themselves when trapped in a dangerous circumstance until there comes a help. According to Matt Goering, a freelance writer on architecture and also an expert on furniture and house building, such house might be realized in real life.

In some security or building management industry, panic room is better known as a safe room that protects valuable things. Well, this room can also be used to protect the people you love from a variety of threats, including terrorist attacks, robbers, kidnappers, and even hurricanes and tornadoes.

Some imitated stuff from the film
Applying the concept of a panic room, in fact, it is a little difficult. However, this security solution can still be adapted, starting from building a concrete room with steel walls and door. This room also needs to be given a separate ventilation system equipped with air purifying equipment, direct telephone line to the police and security services, as well as video surveillance equipment so that the owner still can keep an eye on any home intruders.

Fantastic budget
As mentioned earlier, some people need a safe space, and to be honest, only a few can make it happen. A high-tech and a very strong bunker will cost about $ 40,000 – $ 60,000. Of course this is somewhat expensive. Nevertheless, in principle, panic room is dedicated for survivors of the attacks that last for days. And, it allows people to get in touch with the security forces and wait until help arrives. At the simplest level, a safe space is created in the form of an accessible room with no windows and access out. But it is equipped with a very strong door. And do not forget to provide some supplies there, such as mobile and cellular phone batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, emergency food, and water.

If you don’t have any idea on where to make this panic room in the home at this time, you can try walk-in closets and bathrooms as a common and appropriate solution to create a tough functional security.

Dangers are not always from intruders
One of the most common reasons for having this space is not necessarily associated with keeping away from intruders. Panic room should also be considered to be one solution to protect the family from the dangers of extreme weather.

A room which is accessible, strong, has a living room without a window, filled with the necessities of life is the ideal place to wait out a dangerous storm such as a tornado to pass. If you live in a country that has an extreme weather as a threat, adding a panic room is a wise decision to protect you and your family.

To design the security and protection of extreme weather, panic room could be the solution for you. Contact an expert of security building contractor or other building experts to find out the right option which suits your desire and needs.

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