The Meaning of Painting Colors based on Feng Shui

Painting and SofaThe science of Feng Shui regulates paintings for interior based on five elements which are represented by the eight wind directions. Northern sector has magnetic and natural element with the nature of water. Northeast is soil, East and Southeast are wood, South is fire, Southwest is soil, while West and Northwest are metal.

The north direction is represented in black and dark blue color, northeast is in brown and yellow, east and southwest are in light blue and green, south is in orange and dark red, southwest is in yellow and brown, while west and northwest are in white and grey.

When you have known the element colors, you should also know the pattern of appropriate relationship as well as the contradictory one. For instance, there will be no problem when the north sector is given the color black as long as it is combined with another color because black is a neutral color.

However, you should also know that the north sector with water element will contradict with south direction with fire element. Therefore, don’t apply red on the north wall.

For the northern wall, you can use the color green or light blue which has the nature of wood. With this rule, you will be able to know which relationship provides advantages and which one provides disadvantages. This rule can also be used for painting, when determining the adequate color for painting.

For example, people born in 1962 with tiger woods, metal element, and soil birth magnetic element should display paintings which use the color brown, yellow, beige, or orange. With those colors, the owner of the painting will obtain more energy.

A painting should give a soothing view. It would give a good effect to the psychology of the viewers. Feng Shui forbids displaying scary paintings, such as the one with the picture of devils or demons. If you are a painting collector or even a painter, you can display any paintings you like in a gallery studio, not in a workroom or other rooms inside the house.

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