The Otto Bock: A Great Building from The Idea of Human Muscle Sections

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Here is another great building to attract your attention; Otto Bock Science Center Medical Technology in Berlin, Germany. This building was designed by German architectural firm Gnädinger Architekten together with the media designers Art+com for the Otto Bock Heath Care Company – a world leader in prosthetics and orthotics. The design is based on the principles of nature; as a model of harmony between technology and people. It was started from the idea of human muscle fibers, a metaphor for the simulation of complex biological structures and process. Thus, the facade bands model the structure of muscle fibers encircling the building structure in soft form. It is the stunning soft appearance which attracts many people’s attention. It combined with a unique façade media production which makes it an open friendly and accessible institution.

The building consists of six stories encompassing around 1.300 square meters (3.900 sq.ft) of floor space. These floors provide public exhibition and consultation spaces.  The diamond shaped floors are enclosed by an irregular curved aluminum-glass façade. The following are some pictures of the Otto Bock Science Center Medical Technology building. Click on the images to get a larger version. You can find more information and more pictures on this building by visiting Arch Daily’s.

otto bock
The German firm Gnädinger Architekten developed and finished a spectacular building for the worlds leading company in medical orthopedic technology.
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Keeping an adequate distance to the neighboring buildings the over- all building plan follows the irregular shape of the lot.
otto bock3
The detailing has a strong minimalistic focus: Most surfaces, including all furnishings and exhibition objects are white in contrast to floors in natural stone and carpets, both in silver grey.
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It guarantees a maximum of daylight use in all usable spaces along the dynamically wrapped glass facade.
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The window is in an irregular shape, yet it is fascinating.
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This open floor arrangement allows for a maximum of flexibility and variety of room sizes.
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Based on the idea of human muscle sections Gnädinger designed abstract, amorphous white aluminum facade panels.
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The first three floors serve as exhibition space while the other exhibition floors provide seminar and conference rooms as well as spaces for consultations.

Source: Arch Daily 

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