The Phenomenon of Haunted House Based on Feng Shui

Haunted Stairway
Part of the haunted stairway in New Park Estate, Wotton Under Edge |

Haunted house phenomenon is found in almost every place. From a property business side, it becomes one of the causes of why a house is difficult to sell. For example, in an area which is well known of being haunted, a house will be difficult to sell although it is situated in an elite area with a low price.

Feng Sui never mentioned the existence of ghosts. The phenomenon is the result of accumulation of yin energy which is affected by the surrounding environment. A home environment that is believed to be able to invite ghost is a yin energy environment such as banana trees, rivers, ponds, cemetery, and so on.

Fei Xing(Flying Star)
To explain the negative energy gathered in one place, the science of Feng Shui has a branch of science known as Fei Xing. Many Feng Shui experts interpret Fei Xing as “flying star”. It is one of the Feng Shui techniques that calculatse the good and bad chi energy that circulates within a building (house). This technique divides the chi energy into nine kinds:

Star 1 : right (men , middle boys)
Star 2 : kun (women, mothers)
Star 3 : chen (men, eldest son)
Star 4 : xun (women, eldest daughter)
Star 5 : no trigram
Star 6 : chien (men , fathers)
Star 7 : tui (women, the youngest daughter)
Star 8 : ken (man, the youngest son)
Stars 9 : li (women, middle girls)

From these nine stars, there is yin (female) and there is yang (male). The yang stars are Star 2 (kun), Star 4 (xun), Star 7 (tui ), and Star 9 (li). All of those stars will circulate and be distributed into the building.

When the yin stars gathered in a closed or neglected space like houses that are not occupied, then the spaces show symptoms of excessive yin energy. When there are yin elements of nature outside the house such as banana trees, rivers, ponds, cemetery, and so on, the yin energy that accumulates will show symptoms of ghosts.

Knowing the symptoms of yin energy which is accumulated and cause the phenomenon of ‘ghost’ turns out quite easily. Ordinary people can feel it. We usually feel cold and feel something existing inside the room.

Luopan Compass Detection
As an example, we have a house built facing southeast with an angle of 120 degrees from the north. In this house there are three sectors that obtain yin energy which is a combination of Star 2, Star 4, Star 7, and Star 9; namely the south, southwest, and west (see the following figure).

Flying Star Chart
Flying Star Chart |

Those three sectors can form a hallway or spaces that are connected to each other. When one of the sectors are affected by the environmental elements outside the yin energy, then the inside of the building will be a ghost phenomenon. This phenomenon often occurs in buildings that are not occupied or in the rooms that are always closed. This makes a real yin energy accumulated and formed.

In the practice of Feng Shui, the yin energy that accumulates in the room can be detected by the vibration of the compass needle on luopan (special Feng Shui compass). When a person who has a ba zi is down (having a bad luck), then he might see ghosts in that place.

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