The Right Bedroom According to Feng Shui Streams: San Yuan dan San He

Bright Natural Feng Shui Bedroom DecorationThere are two most important streams in Feng Shui, namely San Yuan and San He.

San He is related room layout, where the direction of the building is simply divided into eight sections and not permanent. This Feng Shui stream is well known as Ba Zhai (Eight Mansion). Based on the data of your birth, when calculated from your Kua number, then you can later assign sector or direction that is right for you. This sector and also direction are fixed and will not change over time.

The San Yuan is related to the arrangement of rooms in a building. The energy is identified according to the direction toward the 24 facing directions and also the period of construction. San Yuan is indeed relatively sensitive to the time dimension that makes it not permanent.

According to Feng Shui, the main door, bedroom, and kitchen are three parts which are vital in a building. The main door is the main access from the entry to the energy in the house. The quality of the incoming energy would be determined by the quality of the sector and also from the facing direction of the main door.

Unlike the main door, the bedroom is a room where a person spends a considerable amount of time and it is silent. This makes the energy in the room has a huge effect on the occupants of the house. To get the right bedroom according to Feng Shui, you should at least consider three things;  the physical condition of the bedroom, the position of the bedroom and the door, and the layout of the bedroom.

  1. The physical condition of the bedrooms is considered good when it has a square or rectangular shape, a flat (not sloping) roof, and the absence of prominent columns in the building whether it’s on the corner of the room or on the ceiling. The room should also be neat, clean, and has a smooth air circulation.
  2. The position of the bedroom and the door should not be determined by the person’s date of birth, but more by the energy map of flight star, namely San Yuan. According to bedroom Feng Shui, the energy has to be good enough for anyone who is in it. Meanwhile, the exact location of the door makes the energy in the bedroom excellent.
  3. In terms of the bedroom layout, according to Feng Shui, the bed should not be placed directly opposite the bedroom door. It should also not be facing back or leaning against the window nor facing directly to the toilet. In addition, to get more perfect energy, the person’s data of birth is needed to know the right bed direction for the bedroom. 
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