The Right House Facing Directions in Feng Shui

Feng Shui House Facing DirectionIn Feng Shui, the house facing direction greatly influences the occupants’ life. Thus, if you want to have good luck along your life, you need to consider the best house facing direction. Here’s the explanation:

North becomes the center of the wind direction and also the center of the business fortune in Feng Shui. When you choose the north for your house facing direction, your business life will have good luck as long as you and family members make efforts and not easily give up. There are a lot of positive energy for this north direction. It also contributes to creating business balanced run by family members.

Southeast is the Feng Shui direction for the family. Thus, by making your house facing southeast, you can balance your business and family perfectly. This direction brings good luck in your financial life. Your family’s financial journey will be smooth and it makes life more prosperous since southeast brings fresh air to the arrival of money to your house. That way your business will run more smoothly and the family can live in peace for all the necessities of life are always met well.

This house facing direction focuses more on family. It is indeed Feng Shui wind direction for the family. When you choose the southwest, then your family life will be in harmony and peace. There will rarely be problem and each family member can control the emotions. For business, the southwest is also found good but less complete. In this case, although you have a peaceful family life, it does not have a big influence to your business.

In other words, southwest focuses more on creating a happy family. This direction is more appropriate for couples that often quarrel, especially due to trivial things. By building a house facing southwest, the domestic conflict will fade. Family life becomes harmonious.

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