The Right Location for a Garage Based on Feng Shui

Cool Garage DesignDo you know that the position of a garage actually gives a significant influence to a house? In the division of space in the house, the garage is usually placed on the front part. According to Feng Shui, the location of the garage must be right, because if the location is wrong it can bring bad effects to the occupants.

Feng Shui actually does not regulate how to place a garage. Yet, garage is often used as a guideline for selecting good houses. It is done by looking at the location of the garage to the direction toward the house. In choosing a house location the things we need to note first is the positive site. Positive sites are very good to be used as bedrooms, especially master bedrooms.

Garage is not a vital or primary space so that it should be placed in a bad or negative place. Homes facing North and South have a positive site in the East corner so the garage could be placed in the corner of the West. For houses facing West, the positive site is located slightly backwards so that the garage could be placed on the right or left (North and South). Meanwhile, if the house faces the East, the garage is better placed in the South corner.

There are people who say that a garage should be placed on the right side of the house. If the house faces south, there is no problem with it. However, if the house faces North, there will be bad effects because the Feng Shui is reversed.

Bedroom above the garage
If the garage is located in the positive site and there is a bedroom above it, then the bedroom’s positive value will reduce by 30 %. Conversely, if the garage is located at the negative site and there is a bedroom above it, you can find a problem then. The bedroom will double the ugliness because it is located in a negative site and above garage. Logically, the car in the garage which is heated will produce smoke and heat that can interfere with the room above.

Of the many cases, if the room is above the garage, the occupants will have an accident on the road or an accident in career and business. In Feng Shui, the garage underneath the room is an empty space or connecting space and vehicle traffic space. Cars also release energy vibration, while cars coming and going can get rid of chi. Thus, the most important thing to be avoided (negative site) is the garage hole, where vehicles come and go.

If the garage is located at the positive site, while there is a dining room above it on the second floor, and the third floor is used as a master bedroom, there is no problem about it since there has been one floor as the barrier of negative effect.

Some other cases
In some homes which are located in contoured land, the garage is put on the second floor and the bedroom is underneath it. It feels like we are crushed by cars while we sleep, and it must be bad according to Feng Shui. In some buildings are on the cliff or slope, the garage should be located below and the bedroom should be on top.

In another case, there are usually two story buildings in which the first floor is used as a garage while the second floor is used as a shop. Based on Feng Shui, the users of this building will get obstacles in earning money.

If a bedroom has been made above or under the garage, the bedroom should be left empty or used as a guest bedroom. Yet, if you still plan the home design, it would be much better to plan some service spaces such as warehouse, maid room, toilet, or water tank above or below the garage.

This white modern garage is different from the usual garage designs. The space is not painted in dark color with a lot of tools scattering the floor. Instead, this cool garage is painted in white with wide glass window. Even when you get out of your car, you can directly take a rest in the family room white watching television or reading book. Well, the garage is located in one area with the family room. It is a cool concept in which you can enjoy your tea time both with your family and your car at once.

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