The Simple yet Stylish Scandinavian Home Design

Scandinavian Living Room with GreeneryWhat do you know about the Scandinavia country? A cold climate state located on the north of Finland. A country which has the world’s most beautiful snow scenery.

Not only is that, even according to a survey conducted by Forbes, Scandinavia listed as one country in the world with the happiest population.

But this time we will not discuss the country. Instead, we will find out how to bring this cool Scandinavia into your home. The Scandinavian-style house is characterized with a simple yet stylish home environment. Here is brief information about Scandinavian home design principles which may inspire you.

1 . Light
Scandinavian people are aware of the importance of nature to human welfare. Because of this, most homes in Scandinavia are designed with lots of large windows. It is intended to allow plenty of light to enter the house. If you want to create a Scandinavian interior design, avoid using heavy curtains which look heavy, and still keep the window frame not too crowded with ornaments. You can also use the windows made ​​of wood to keep the house temperature not to hot and not too cold.

2 . Maximize the natural light
Houses in Scandinavia are known for the all-white interior. It aims to reflect natural light into the home. In addition, most houses in Scandinavia use the shiny wood floor. Not only that, to maximize the entry of light into the room, the Scandinavian usually use a mirror on the wall.

3 . Wooden ornaments
Wooden ornaments also cannot be separated from the characteristic of a Scandinavian style house. Furniture, floors, and even wall panels are all made of wood. Wood will be very pretty when paired with white. Not only as a heater, wood can also act as an insulator. More wooden furniture at home helps create a comfortable home.

4 . Candles
In the winter, the candles can be useful to provide warmth and comfort. Fire is a natural light source. There is no harm in adding some candles home accessories to create a dramatic effect.

5 . Greenery
Scandinavian people love nature very much. Therefore, many Scandinavian put plants inside the house. The cool air generated by the plants will certainly refresh your mind.

6 . Simple yet stylish furniture
Scandinavia is very unique. There is no need to use furniture that is complicated, but choose the stylish one. Simple and minimalist chairs are the typical of Scandinavian furniture.

7 . Storage cabinets
Spacious room is also associated with Scandinavian -style interior. If possible, make a large storage closet so it could accommodate a lot more stuff. In addition, good storage will make the home quieter and reduce stress on you.

8 . Soft colored furniture
You can choose a sofa that comes with a soft pillow featured soft gray for a soothing look. Or if you do not like gray, purple or red wine is well suited to the traditional Scandinavian style.

9 . Large size dining table
Scandinavian people like to socialize. So, do not be surprised if we find a large chair or table in a Scandinavian home.

10 . Hygge
Hygge is a kind of term that becomes a secret of happiness of Scandinavian. The Hygge term means the time when you can enjoy the simple life with the people around you.

Here are some examples of the Scandinavian interior décor might inspire you.

Scandinavian Apartment with Glass Window

Scandinavian Dining Room

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