The Simplest Application of Feng Shui for Home

Cozy Modern Living RoomA house that feels uncomfortable and claustrophobic can be caused by the lack of proper interior layout. This condition can occur in any house, even in a large house. Your decision to try applying the principle of Feng Shui is right. But before that you need to know a few things related to home Feng Shui.

The essence of Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the science of topography from China. Many people also consider Feng Shui as a form of art. But regardless of the diverse definition, Feng Shui is actually a study of rules which is full of balance. In terms of houses, Feng Shui emphasizes on the balance of each object inside the house. Through this balance, the positive Qi energy inside the house can flow smoothly.

The basic application of Feng Shui
The rules in Feng Shui do seem complicated to people in common. However, the application of Feng Shui is not always complicated indeed. You can start from things that are basic and simple, e.g. placing furniture in the right position.

In Feng Shui, there are several house shapes that are considered good, namely square and rectangular shapes. Use this principle in choosing the furniture, arranging furniture or building a house. Yet, there are also shapes you should avoid, which are triangular and truncated diagonal shapes. Both are considered capable of bringing bad luck to the house occupants.

Room layout
The Feng Shui for room layout is not that much different from the modern layout. The room should be made in a square or rectangular shape. Make sure to choose a neat floor. The ceiling should be made high enough. It would be better if it is made ​​slightly conical. If you want to put additional decorations for the ceiling, choose a chandelier that has a simple shape.

One important part of the house is the main entrance or the main door. It should be made wide so that the positive Qi energy can enter the house easily. To make the Qi energy circulation not cluttered and remained in a room for a while, make sure that there is a wall behind the door. Doors inside the house should not face each other since it will make each room compete for positive energy.

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