The Uniqueness of Floating Staircase Designs

Elegant Interior Design with Wooden Floating StairsStairs function not only as a connector between floors, but can also become a decorative element in your interior design. Floating staircase designs are popular among home owners as a way to create a creative and unique element in an interior. The steps are designed in an attractive look as if they floated.

These steps can be made from steel or concrete structures that will be planted on the wall in which the wall should made of certain material specification such as by adding iron bones. This kind of stair design indeed looks light, yet this structure actually is strong enough as stairs for human.

Lightweight, sturdy, and thin, that is the first impression we get from floating stairs. And besides, there is space under the stairs that can be used, for example as storage of goods or other alternative spaces.

This floating stair design can be the perfect solution to make you feel comfortable with the presence of stairs in a room. Each step is no longer perceived as a tiring step to walk on, because the stairs are floating or hanging, giving a different sensation when you step on it.

In making the staircase we have to pay attention to the basic and standard size. Stairs must have a size of at least 18 cm tall, 90 cm long and 20cm wide – 30cm wide. With reference to the standard size, we will be able to determine what kind of stairs is suitable for a room. If the stairs of type I are too long for a room, you can choose the type L or U, or even spiral stairs.

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