Things You Must KNow Before Building a Swimming Pool

Beautiful Rectangular Swimming Pool DesignIf you have a large yard, it will be great to consider building a private swimming pool there. The presence of a swimming pool, in addition to a place for exercising, can also be a corner to gather with family members, relatives, or friends. There are many things to consider when creating a swimming pool. The following are tips to build a swimming pool.

1. Size and shape
You might think that a swimming pool only consists of a pool. Well, it actually consists of several things; a deck as a transition area, also filter and pump that regulate the circulation of the pool water. So it should be noted that although the pool can be made in sizes as small as 7 x 3 m, it will also need land larger than the size of the pool itself. Besides the swimming pool size, the shape also influences the efficiency of land. With the same size, a rectangular shape pool will provide more space than an oval, kidney, or other asymmetrical shapes.

2. Construction
Based on the type of construction, swimming pool can be divided into under and above ground swimming pool. The underground swimming pool can be made by digging, building the pool walls, and installing finishing materials such as ceramic, vinyl, or fiberglass in the ground. Meanwhile, an above ground swimming pool can usually be purchased to be installed on the surface of the land. With this above ground pool, you can disassemble and move the pool when moving house.

3. Pump and Filter
In addition to the size, shape, and type of construction, there is also the factor of the pump and filter system that must be considered because the pool water must be constantly on the move, and has a pH level of 7.2 to 7.6 and alkaline levels of 100-150 ppm. Consult the types and installation of pumps and filters with an expert.

4. Accessories
To complete the swimming pool, you can build a decking area around the pool as a place to rest and relax. Decking area can be made ​​with wood, cement, or rocks and you decorate it with plants, chairs, and various accessories according to your yard landscape design. For the material, use the one which is not slippery and facilitates your movement around the pool.

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