Things You Need to Know About Paint

Woman Painting the HouseBefore doing house painting, you must know all things related to house paint. By changing the color of paint or updating it, you will make a newer shade on your house. The following is some information about house paint.

Color selection
Choosing a color to paint the walls of the room is one important thing to do, especially for those of you who are already thinking about a new house concept.

Each color of paint will give a different feel. Therefore, you must know what color characters you want. Suppose, for you who want to give a spacious impression for a room, you can use bright colors such as light green or light yellow. In contrast, dark colors tend to give the impression of a narrow room.

Another option is you can combine dark colors with bright colors. For example, if you apply a bright color for the ceiling and dark colors for the walls, you will get a tall and narrow impression, and vice versa.

How to do house painting
For those of you who use a brush when painting, remember not to push the brush too strongly since it will only make you tired and the results will also not be too even. For that, do paint brush dyeing only a third part of it and do the painting gently.

Meanwhile, for the use of paint rollers, there are things you need to know first. The use of long-haired roller will give a result of a rough but thick surface. As for the use of short-haired roller will make the surface rather thin but smooth. Use this knowledge to make do the painting according to your needs at home.

Painting techniques
First of all, you are required to clean the surface of the wall that will be painted. Suppose the wall or walls you might have to peel the layers or even moldy, then you are obliged membersihkannnya first. The use of primer or sealer will also give better results.

The ratio of paint and water is 20:80. Too much water will make the paint too thin, while too little water will make it too thick which will waste a lot of paint then. Thus, it is suggested that you use the recommended ratio.

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