Things You Should Know Before Building a Modern Minimalist Wooden House

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Minimalist home design has become a favorite among home seekers. Its simple and clean look make the home look attractive. Well, nowadays modern concept is widely involved in any home design, including in minimalist design. In this case, you can present a modern minimalist home design by involving wood in it, creating a unique beautiful wooden house.

Modern minimalist wooden house is perfect for those who want to present a natural atmosphere. This wooden house has a traditional concept with a classic look. The wood dominates the modern minimalist house, meaning that it appears in most parts of the house.

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Owning a wooden house requires to you pay more attention to the house. There are several things you need to consider when you want to build a modern minimalist home design.

1. Wood as materials
Since wood is the main materials used in your house, you have to choose the one with a high quality. You can choose teak, mahogany, or other types of strong wood. There is no need to always use new wood. Instead, it is also a good idea to use any used wood from your old house. This will save your money.

Another good news is that the used wood can enhance the artistic value of your house. Yet, it must be high quality used wood. You need to keep in mind that the wood is used not only for the foundation, but also for the furniture and home decoration of your modern minimalist house at the same time.

2. Maintenance
This type of house requires a high maintenance for the sake of its durability. You can do vanishing to renew the look and texture of the wood. Moreover, wood is prone to termites so that it is necessary to periodically check the wood.

3. Wood type
Use different types of wood for house foundation and for house decoration. Choose the one in accordance to the needs and functions. 

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