Things You Should Know Before Painting the Walls in Your House

Painting Walls with a Paint RollerBefore applying a color based on a style that portrays your home it would be nice if you know what media can help create it. One practical medium for presenting the color is to paint. Type of paint is very varied and can be adjusted to your needs.

Painting as practical media to present the style in your home
In general there are two types of paints; water-base paints and solvent-based paint. Water based paint is easy to get dry, doesn’t have a strong scent, and has a good color sharpness. When you need to do a bit correction, you can fix this paint using water. This kind of paint is also environmentally friendly because it contains only a little chemical. It doesn’t look shiny, or is usually called matt. Yet, water based paints are not resistant to stain.

The second type of paint is the solvent-base paint, which is used in a room with a longer durability. This type of paint is more resistant to moisture. This paint is usually applied in rooms which are stain vulnerable, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. The drawback on this paint is that it requires a longer time to dry than the water-base paint. It also should be diluted or removed only by using a special solvent. Since the paint contains a certain chemical, it will appear shiny or glossy.

Wall painting techniques
Many people consider painting the house as an easy job. It turns out that there are rules in painting the walls of the house. The following are several tips to paint the walls in your house:

  • Pay attention to the type of paint that you will buy whether it is exterior or interior paint. Exterior paint tends to be more expensive because of the high levels of acrylic which makes it resistant to weather changes. Likewise, you should also consider the material you want to paint, such as wood and metal, for certain paints needs a long time to dry.
  • Select the type of paint with a high quality. Some cheap paint is difficult to apply, not durable and unable to cover the surface properly.
  • Buy a considerable amount of paint to make sure that it can cover the whole wall surface evenly.
  • Store the remaining paint properly in a closed place. This paint can be used in case you face a minor damage on the color of your walls, for example when peeling.
  • Always smooth and clean the surface prior to painting the walls, in order to obtain the best results.
  • Use a brush or paint roller of a good quality. In addition to a more satisfactory result, it can also be used again for a long term due to its durability.
  • Always clean the painting equipment you have used. If the paint dries and attaches on the equipment, it will be difficult to clean and eventually you might have to buy other equipment.

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