Things You Should Know Before Renting a House

House for RentThere are various reasons why people prefer renting a house to building their own. Do you think that renting a house is way easier and cheaper than building one? Well, nowadays looking for a rent house is not a difficult thing. Here are some tips you can do when searching for a house for rent:

Look for some ads through the  media 
You can see the classified ads in print media such as newspapers or publications about homes for sale and for rent. Create a list of homes which interest you. Looking for references from friends is also important, especially from those who have been renting a house in the same place.

Write down the telephone number and address
Do not miss to take down a phone number. Before coming to the site directly, it would be advisable to contact the owner or manager about the place they offer. If the telephone conversation results are quite convincing, try to go to the address to look further.

Check the homes in details
Be careful in this step. Check carefully whether there are parts of the property that are damaged, including the ones in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, plumbing, ceilings, and other. If you find any damage on some parts of the house, you need to ask the owner or manager to fix them or it could also depend on the agreement of you both. For example, you are the one who do the home improvement with the consequences of a reduction of the rental price.

Consider the rent
When renting a house, note the term “unbalanced budgeting”. That is, you should manage your budget so that you can always pay the rent on time. The most ideal one is when the cost of renting the house is no more than 30% of your income. If you find a suitable place but the price is too high or beyond your ability, then do not be tempted to rent.

Check the environment security
Environmental security is absolutely necessary. Ask the neighborhood about whether the area is theft-prone, and others.

Check facility available
When renting a house, you need to know if the house is close to the public facilities such as the hospitals, schools, highways, parks and sport center. The availability of the facility will be very important in determining your choice.

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