Think Twice to Use These Colors for Your Interior

Black Interior with Black CouchChoosing colors and apply them in an interior home is a risky task apparently. Although the risk is not as fatal as the risk in the home construction process, mistakes in choosing colors can make the occupants feel not comfortable living in their own house. Here are three colors you should avoid:

These colors belong to colors which are relatively difficult for beginners; putty beige, grey, and black. Actually, those three colors can be interesting accent colors when they are handled by home designers or experts on interior colors. Nevertheless, beginners may not be able to make the three colors perform beautifully in a house.

The use of putty beige can make a room seem heavy. Yet, at the same time that color can also look very soft as an accent. Meanwhile, you will need a bolder color if you want to use it as an accent color and a softer color as the main color. Besides, putty beige tends to be dull, moreover when it is combined with the color white in one room.

Unlike beige, these two colors cannot look too soft to be accents. These two colors are grey and black. The color grey can be an interesting color when used as the background of a painting or other artworks. Its dark shade tends to highlight the artwork. In addition, the color grey will look great in a big room which is full of lights.

Yet, the different colors of the sun during the day make the wall paint look slightly different. When you love grey walls during the morning, it is possible that you don’t like it during the evening.

The last color you should avoid is the color black. Like gray, black is able to look beautiful when handled by the right interior designer. The color black can be an interesting accent color when it is combined with white. Conversely, the color can make your house not only dull, but also dark and creepy.

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